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Goodbye Michigan-Sept 26th 2020

It was literally minutes ago that we crossed the border between Michigan and Wisconsin, unfortunately pulling the camper made it really hard to slow down and be able to take a photo of the sign on the road. We are moving away from Michigan days shy of making it to the 6 year mark. We couldn’t be more grateful to have lived here. Although Kevin is from Michigan and I had been coming to vacation before, I never got to experience what living in Michigan is all about. We made some amazing friends from day one. Lived at an amazing community and worked for an amazing company. What I am really enjoying these days is taking photos of its beauty. Wished I had done it more. But this very own picture came to put the icing on the cake. There will be more, as I have not had a chance to process the ones I’ve been taking over the last few days.

Here it is, September 26th, after two weeks at God’s country, or the UP. Living on the road is not that bad. I can surely get used to this.

  • This sky jump is located at Copper Peak. the only ski flying hill outside of Europe. Located near Ironwood in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula, Copper Peak is the world’s smallest ski flying hill homolgated by the International Ski Federation (FIS).

  • Copper Peak is the largest artificial ski jump in the world. The 35 degree, 469 foot.

  • The upper observation platform is 1782 feet above sea level and 1180 feet above Lake Superior.

  • The platform provides the highest, unobstructed, 360 degree vista in the Midwest, overlooking nearly 40 miles in every direction.

  • The 810-foot chairlift rises 365 fee to the crest of the hill.

  • The 18-story elevator ride takes about 55 seconds.

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That looks amazing

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